Equine Wellness Care and Services

Tooele Veterinary Clinic veterinarians can perform on-site wellness exams in one of our 2 fully equipped mobile units.  Good wellness care for horses includes a bi-annual wellness exam.

Equine services at Tooele Veterinary clinic includes:

  • On-site  and exam (farm call)
  • Dental exam and annual float with sedation 
  • Fecal test for sand/fecal egg count
  • Vaccines including West Nile
  • De-worming
  • Health Certificates
  • Nutritional advice
  • Reproduction and Artifical Insemination 
  • Integrated Medicine
  • Lameness screening
  • Diagnostic testing (radiology, ultrasonography)

Equine wellness care includes vaccination and deworming programs tailored to your horse(s) and situation, management advice to help you properly care for your horses, and expert medical care if any horse needs additional care if a disease or medical condition occurs. 

Vaccines are important in preventing serious diseases in horses.  Our current vaccine recommendations are based on up-to-date research and the incidence of disease in our area.

Additional preventative care procedures such as sheath/udder cleaning, Coggins test, CBC or blood chemistry can done at the time of a wellness visit.

For more information about Equine services, please contact our office at (435) 882-1051