Equine Dental Care

Proper dental care is a part of good wellness health for animals. Horses need regular preventative dental care to keep them healthy and up to performance standards. At Tooele Veterinary Clinic, we recommend a dental exam twice a year and an annual teeth float with sedation. 

Dental problems can interfere with digestion, cause colic, create chronic jaw and neck stiffness and may contribute to lameness. Please give us a call today if your horse is exhibiting any of the signs of the following dental problems:

  • Horse is dropping food or losing weight
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Undigested food particles in your horse’s manure
  • Excessive bit chewing or head tossing
  • Difficulty riding or being on a line

    We recommend dental exams begin as soon the foal is born so we may check for congenital abnormalities and continue through the life of the horse. To complete a thorough dental exam and float, we must use a full mouth speculum and your horse must be sedated.